Betts Park

Where all the action is...

Betts Park Annual Concerts & Festivities

Betts Park is where we hold our annual concert series, bringing in entertainment from all over!  From Frontiers to Madison Rising, we’ve had some big, exciting names come through.  This is where you want to be!

We also have plenty of activities from the Kids’ areas to games, shows, food & merchandise vendors, and more throughout the day.  We’ve had the Clydesdales, the Birds of Prey, Allegheny River Dancers, and many more over the years.

If you want to be a part of this, or have your own organization take part, talk to us!  We’d love to invite past performances to return, but will always like to find something unique and exciting!

Check Out The Parade

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Be a part of the Betts Park Festivities!

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